Ken's Coil

Wow, check out the insides of this strange transformer! It does not use winds of wire, but instead looks like it has flat sheets of metal that make up the windings. How interesting...

If I pull these sheets of metal out they would probably make very good inductors. They would make winds with lots of metal in them that would make good magnets. I can pull some of it out with my hand and just have a look see...

This lends credibility to the concept that primary windings for Tesla Coils could reasonably be expected to work with flashing type of wire that is very long and taffy like.

Look at how nice this wire looks when it has been pulled out of the transformer. There seems to be enough to make a nice primary inductor for a large sized Tesla coil. It is just amazing the cool stuff that you can find for free. That is, if you know where to look.

All spooled up now and banged out round. Whew, it takes a lot of manual effort to get this copper clean, and ready for mounting.

Here is the base that will hold the thick copper wire that was removed from the strange transformer. 

Here is a variable inner diameter winding adapter. If we need closer or farther mutual inductance, this base will provide a framework for making that adjustment without having to take the whole primary inductor apart.

This is just a picture to get a feeling for the size of this large Tesla Coil primary. The amount of metal in this magnet is impressive.