A Tribute To Nichola Tesla

In the early 1900's Nicola Tesla invented the AC current, AC brushless motors, radio transmission (not Marconi), electric turbines, robotics, multiplexing transmitters, underwater torpedoes, and many other "unpublished" devices. The man was on intellectual par with Sir Isaac Newton, in that his "experiments" opened entire new fields of scientific endeavor. Basically, he invented the modern world. It is one belief  that he was erased from history because of his extensive knowledge of technology.

Please be aware that these photos are done with a double exposure technique. A person would be killed in this proximity to this super powerful Tesla Magnifier. These photos were made during the AC vs. DC war that Thomas Edison and Nichola Tesla were in heated debate over with the public.

Nichola Tesla is best known for his experimental power emission devices, such as Tesla Coils and Tesla Magnifiers. However, an equally ingenious device is his turbine to extract electric power from water. He invented a series of efficient and powerful water turbines to extract electric power from Niagra Falls that were used power all of New York city.

Wardenclyffe Tower

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